Artist Statement

I am a painter.  My work is driven by the creative process and the exploration/manipulation of materials. I experiment and push my own boundaries, always with an eye toward gritty beauty. 

I am currently furthering and deepening work begun during a residency in China in 2015. There I worked with accumulated papers, building them up into multi-layered constructions. While I continue to work with paper, I have also devised a similar approach using canvas and more durable materials.

The process is additive and reductive. I use fragments of failed paintings, old receipts, used airline tickets, remnants of past experiences - working them into the surface of the new painting. They become one with the surface, imbuing the painting with memory, history, a sense of time, and an accidental quality which I find beautiful and compelling. Paintings constructed this way have a satisfyingly distinct, object-like quality. 

Working in this physical way allows my mind to stay open and present in the process. I strive to keep the painting as open as I can for as long as I can before finishing it. It is the opposite of planning a painting and then executing the plan. 

I prefer my paintings to have a raw, open quality. Recently I have introduced liquid acrylic into my work, which I pour and brush onto raw canvas. This fluid paint soaks into the canvas and adds rich color and a sense of deep space. I am now working on combining this staining process with collage and oil paint, frequently ripping the paintings up and putting them back together, adding yet another element of dynamism and complexity to the work.